Real Times Media

Real Times Media (RTM), is a Detroit-based multimedia company focused on media, marketing, and entertainment expressly for urban audiences. Headquartered in Detroit, Real Times Media (RTM) is parent company to the nation’s largest, oldest, and most respected African-American-owned newspapers and digital media operation, including the Atlanta Daily World, the Atlanta Tribune, the Chicago Defender, the Michigan Chronicle, and the New Pittsburgh Courier.

In addition to its news brands, Real Times Media offers custom programming and publishing in 20 markets across the United States through its Who’s Who brand, a professional lifestyle brand focused on business/social events, content, programming, and marketing services. Through Who’s Who publishing, Real Times Media produces more than 50 events annually.Real Times Media was built on the foundation of our family of newspapers. Though the company was established in 2006, our legacy stretches back over 100 years.  This history affords a depth of knowledge and assets that are multi-generational, relevant and trustworthy.

Real Times Media enterprises and interest includes:

  • The most extensive African American newspaper collective in the nation, which includes: The Atlanta Daily World, The Chicago Defender; The Michigan Chronicle; Front Page Detroit; The New Pittsburgh Courier; and the Tri-State Defender (Memphis).
  • A full-service marketing and communications company providing strategy, production and management for: graphics; videos; broadcast TV/Radio; interactive/multimedia; Public Relations; event marketing; promotions; online initiatives; and virtually all aspects of marketing and communications
  • Who’s Who Publishing Company
  • Niche publishing and targeted marketing and distribution opportunities
  • Live events, forums, workshops, and training strategies, production and management

An unparalleled archive of historical photographs, videos and film clips of the African American experience available through licensing for advertising, marketing, publishing and film initiatives

Our Brands